For working Mums, it can often feel like your confidence is taking a dip, whether that is when preparing to return to work, or are back a while.

Here are 7 things to remember (and there are many more) and to shout from the rooftops about:

  • How organised you are

Juggling the motherload is intense and so much to always think about, plan, organise, do, check. You may not feel like you are organised, but believe me, when you think of EVERYTHING you are doing for the amount of people you are probably doing it for, you are extremely good at organising. Your time management and project management skills are undeniable, make sure and shout about that.

  • How efficient you are

That saying of, “if you want something done ask a busy person..” well that is 100% true for a Mum. Mums don’t have time or energy to waste on faffing about, they just get the job done, to an impeccable standard, in the most efficient time. Your ability to focus on getting the job done is definitely worth talking about.

  • How fresh & creative your ideas are

Think of the insight and understanding of so many areas you bring to the table. Never shy from speaking up about your ideas and thoughts on subjects. Your voice is extremely valuable and needed.

  • How empathetic you are

Your empathy and understanding for the people around you, whether peers or above you, is on another level once children come along.

  • How much of a team player you are

You know how important team work is, and communication in that team, so you no doubt facilitate the teams you work in to maximise the performance of the team.

  • How experienced you are

You have without doubt mountains of varied experience whether from work or from life. You are resourceful and able to think out of the box due to all your experience.

  • How self aware you are

There is nothing like motherhood to push you to your limits, and your resilience from going through these challenges builds who you are at home and at work. Your self awareness allows you to be honest and trustworthy and don’t need a watchful eye over you, as you will speak up when needed and otherwise work efficiently and effectively.


Without a doubt, women are in demand in the workforce. Our professional and personal skill set are much sought after, and the diversity we bring to any organisation is invaluable. But it is up to us to shout about that.

Always remember “If you don’t toot your own horn, then get out of the band”! Brene Brown

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