Returning to work after any type of extended leave is a challenging and complex time in a parent’s personal and professional life, for a variety of reasons. An individual’s experience during their transition back to work can have an impact across the whole organisation.

With 80% of women admitting they struggle returning to work after maternity leave, due to lack of support in the workplace, and with 1 in 3 Dads actively looking for alternative employment, citing flexibility and work-life balance as the reasons, ensuring supports are in place to manage this transition is essential.

The Parent NEST works with organisations and their people managers to better support their employees as they are returning to work after extended leave, whatever the reasons. These can vary from maternity leave, paternity leave or parental leave. To carers leave, bereavement leave, a career break or illness leave.

Rather than risk losing key, talented employees, ensuring resources are in place to manage this transition smoothly is key.

In a poll of new Mums:

  • 88% said they suffered with guilt when returning to work
  • 74% suffered from imposter syndrome
  • 75% said they suffered with low confidence as they returned to work
  • 98% felt anxious ahead of returning to work after their Maternity leave

By investing in your employees at a time of significant change in their personal and professional life, you empower and retain your talent and also attract talent into your business.

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