Below are some practical tips for managers supporting colleagues returning to work from maternity leave:

Prior to returning to work:

  • Ensure all is in order in relation to general house keeping – HR, IT, payroll, access to building etc.
  • Clarify return date.
  • Will they need pumping facilities?
  • Ensure you are aware of accrued annual leave days and what remains when they return. Establish any other entitlements.
  • Plan the re-induction/onboarding agenda.
  • Ensure handover process ready. Put some thought to facilitating catch ups with required colleagues. Diarising key events, meetings, projects that returning colleague needs to be aware of.

The first week – ensuring the colleague feels supported, nurtured, valued and listened to

  • Ensure colleague has a proper welcome back to work on day 1.
  • Diarise 1:1 catch ups for the first 6 weeks, so colleague knows they have quality time with you each week.
  • Keep an eye on workload and facilitate early finishes at the start where possible as transitioning back.
  • Pair the returning colleague with a mentor who can be a support as they are transitioning back.
  • If budget permits, consider external coaching to support the returning Mum. This allows the Mum to have non-judgmental, safe supports as they are transitioning back.

By giving your returning employee the support they need, you help them come back to work feeling calm and confident in their job performance and in themselves as a parent.

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